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Volvo Construction Equipment

MSK Plast is a key supplier of RIM technology parts to Volvo CE Wheel Loader machines. As these parts are key elements to the assembly line, high quality and delivery performance are crucial. Since we started our cooperation in 2008 the relationship has been beneficial with quick approach and good communication both in development projects and daily operations. MSK Plast is a good speaking partner when it comes to technology knowledge and resolving manufacturing challenges in a good way. Leif Nilsson, Purchasing Manager & Site Representative


MSK Plast manufactures a range of injection moulded plastic parts for Framery’s telephone booths. The smooth and professional cooperation has brought more efficiency and flexibility to Framery’s production.

Henrik Ashorn, Framery’s Product Manager

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Volvo Construction Equipment wants to follow the premium standards they have within the whole Volvo corporation. Therefore, the supply base is also carefully selected. MSK Plast has been chosen to supply some strategic RIM technology parts for the company.

Emanuel Tirenå, Commodity Buyer, Volvo Construction Equipment

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AGCO Corporation makes high-tech solutions for farmers who feed the world. As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of tractors and agriculture machines, they want to keep their technical capability as high as possible. Therefore, they have chosen MSK Plast as their partner in Telene RIM DCPD Technology.

Lars Müller Global commodity manager AGCO

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MSK Plast has been a partner of Vacon since 1997. The cooperation has become deeper and more extensive from year to year.

“MSK Plast is a long-term partner of Vacon. By developing their own operations they’ve managed to create new methods and better products. It feels good that MSK Plast has been a part of Vacon’s growth journey.”

Jarkko Alanen Sourcing Manager Vacon Plc


MSK Cabins believes in secure deliveries, flexibility and a constant will to develop together with the client.

For the past 50 years MSK Cabins has been supplying Valtra with safety cabins. Extensive experience enables MSK Cabins to master the whole process, from the production of cabins to global material purchasing and delivering the assembled cabin just on time.

– Flexibility and a constant will to develop together with the client

Mobile Cranes


Municipal Vehicles

Agricultural Vehicles

Material Handling


AGCO honored its top EME Region suppliers during the annual AGCO 2018 EME Supplier Day. The event was held on March 21 at AGCO’s Breganze Harvesting Facility in Italy and was run under the theme ‘WE ASPIRE IDEAL PARTNERSHIPS’. Greg Toornman, Director, Global Materials, Logistics & Freight Management, commented: “Together with MSK, we are looking back on more than 50 years of working relationship, which has developed from shipping simple parts into the just-in-sequence delivery of fully configured complex sub-assemblies that define the look and feel of our products. Despite this complexity, MSK Plast has delivered high OTD performance and excellent quality.”