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New product launch process


Project starts with a “Pre-study –phase” where MSK and customer together clarify the target(s) of the project, usable tools, schedule and Key Performance Indicators so the project requirements are agreed by both MSK and customer. Output of the phase is Project Plan.


During the “Concept-phase” product’s main components are selected, located and reviewed. Product’s feasibility, industrial design, ergonomy, safety and costs are studied carefully. Costs for both project and product are updated and compared to target. At the early product reviews MSK is able to utilize VR-technology and concept models.


At the “Development-phase” product design is finalized and locked. When designing the process MSK carefully takes care of product’s design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) and also product’s costs. The most critical serial tooling, early stage production plans and facilities are tested. First product prototypes are built and tested.


At the “Industrialisation-phase” complete production chain is ramped up and tested, including ordering, finalizing internal and external logistics, manufacturing and product testing. Pre-series products are built at the production line.


“Serial production –phase” is when the products are produced by the orders and according the manufacturing process. Product development project is closed and project feedback is handled with the customer. Product maintenance engineering begins, if agreed.

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