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If you need a durable and
environmental friendly surface coating
– we have a solution for you!

The performance requirements for vehicles and components are constantly expanding: more functionality, stylish design, and increased safety are all demanded. To meet those expectations at a technical, cost-effective, and sustainable level, new substrates are needed. Therefore, the multi-material design is becoming more important and with it, the need for a corrosion protection functionality with multi-metal capability. All common metals and allloys in any combination can be treated with Oxsilan®, which is perfect choice for the most demanding pretreatment requirements. Tens of million cars
and other vehicles today have been treated with Oxsilan® which is a proven technology, with global performance in more than 400 lines.

Oxsilan® Lab Test Results

Oxsilan Lab Test Results

The approach of the Oxsilan® thin-film technology is quite unique. Treatment can be made either spray or dip and chemical reactions take place with both the metal surface and the paint layer, forming strong bonds. The extremely low etching rate means embrittlement cannot occur and thus the pretreated components can withstand higher loads when in service.

Benefits of Oxsilan® in Short:

  • significantly reduced process costs

  • reduced water and energy consumption

  • free of nickel and phosphates

  • ambient temperature process without heating

  • environmentally compliant

  • multi-metal capability

  • practically sludge-free, reduced maintenance

  • fewer process stages, higher productivity

Oxsilan® Process

Oxsilan Lab Test Results
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