AGCO relies on MSK Plast’s pioneer vision and straightforward partnership

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AGCO Corporation makes high-tech solutions for farmers who feed the world. As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of tractors and agriculture machines, they want to keep their technical capability as high as possible. Therefore, they have chosen MSK Plast as their partner in Telene RIM DCPD Technology.

“When people from MSK Plast promise something about the part geometry or design, we can trust them to do it,” says Lars Müller, AGCO’s Global commodity manager of plastic, resin, and rubber components.

MSK Plast can deliver even the most specific metal parts or technology.

Global supply chain and high volumes

AGCO produces its products globally, and for that reason, they need a functional global supply chain. For plastic, resin, and rubber, they have approximately 400 different suppliers worldwide. At the moment, the worth of direct business between AGCO and MSK Plast is about four million euros.

“We appreciate a good relationship where you can have issues, but both sides are interested in immediately solving them. That is achieved easily in our partnership with MSK Plast.”

Business goals accomplished by an adaptive product range

Trustworthiness and sustainability are essential components for Müller and AGCO regarding business relationships. “MSK Plast is a pioneer and one of the leaders in this technology in Europe. With injection molding, they have a wide range of clamping force, machine sizes, and part sizes,” Müller lists.

Müller and the entire team in AGCO have found the service of MSK Plast beneficial for their business goals. “They can deliver even the most specific metal parts or technology, sometimes with the help of other suppliers. It helps us reach the goals that are ultimately given to us by the farmers who buy our final products,” Müller summarizes the cooperation.

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