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› Automatic painting line equipped with three robots and cabins typically used in automotive industry

› Currently water based urethane paints in use

› Excellent visual quality of surface combined with good mechanical protection against external wearing


› An excellent method for integrating gasket material into housings and panels

› 1K and 2K PUR materials

› UL approved gasket

Assembly functions

› Assembling, testing and packing of customer products

› Manual, semi-automatic or automatic  assembly functions

› A wide sourcing network of assembly components

Laser welding

› An excellent method for connecting transparent and non-transparent plastic components

› A strong and visually clean joint

butt joint welding

› In butt joint welding a heating plate is used to heat the plastic surfaces.  The plate is removed when the surfaces to be welded have melted.  After that the pieces are pressed together and cooled.

› Typical products are tubes, valves and containers.

› MSK Plast’s butt joint welding is carried out in a cleanroom so that the insides of the products are also dust-free and fulfill demanding requirements

logistic services

› Reliable deliveries to our customer all over the world

› Electronic data interchange (EDI)

› Customer packaging

› Contract stock

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