Volvo Construction Equipment has been pleased with MSK Plast’s continuous improvement and innovativeness

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Volvo Construction Equipment wants to follow the premium standards they have within the whole Volvo corporation. Therefore, the supply base is also carefully selected. MSK Plast has been chosen to supply some strategic RIM technology parts for the company.

“When we need plastic parts with design freedom but also with good impact strength, we turn to MSK Plast,” says Emanuel Tirenå, Commodity Buyer, responsible for plastic parts within Volvo Construction Equipment in Europe. MSK Plast’s parts are being used mainly in exterior components. “We use them, for example, in wheel loaders and hood packages of articulated haulers,” Tirenå specifies.

The long-term cooperation with Volvo Construction Equipment started in 2008. They have been happy with the effort that MSK has provided to their company. “They are mature enough to understand the needs we have. The quality, delivery precision, and the sense of continuous improvement are just what we need from our supply base.”

I would recommend them as a reliable partner who is willing to have a long-term partnership

A Long-term relationship has brought profitability and reliability

The cooperation has run smoothly from the very beginning. However, MSK’s team hasn’t settled in this situation but has wanted to evolve the partnership further. “They are continuously trying to improve their production. They want to be state of the art but still fulfill and exceed our needs,” Tirenå says.

The improvement can be seen in other things too, according to Tirenå: “The key factor is that they won’t give up giving us ideas.” He continues: “I would recommend them as a reliable partner who is willing to have a long-term partnership.”

MSK Plast’s interest is to focus on the customer’s needs and goals: “MSK wants to achieve good profitability for themselves, of course, but also for their customers,” Tirenå sums up the cooperation between MSK Plast and Volvo Construction Equipment.

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