Partnership Between Professionals

MSK solution division is a leading supplier of  complete cabins and plastic components for offroad machines and other industries. › read more

The cabin makes the machine

For the past 50 years MSK Cabins has been supplying Valtra with safety cabins. Extensive experience enables MSK Cabins to master the whole process, from the production of cabins to global material purchasing and delivering the assembled cabin just on time.

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For the demanding plastic components

”MSK Plast is a key supplier of RIM technology parts to Volvo CE Wheel Loader machines. As these parts are key elements to the assembly line, high quality and delivery performance are crucial.” Leif Nilsson, Purchasing Manager & Site Representative

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Engineering services

New product launch process


Concept study

detailed development


serial production

production technologies

Fully trimmed cabins, demanding plastic parts and everything in between. MSK aims to be a partner for those who want to grow and develop together with us.

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5 days ago

MSK Group

Sääennuste lupailee varsin mukavia lämpötiloja eikä aikaakaan, kun pelloilla alkaa tapahtua! Silloin taas huomataan, että Valtra-traktorit ja Junkkari-kylvölannoittimet ovat lyömätön parivaljakko. 💪

Hyvien kylvöjen varmistamiseksi arvomme traktorin peräkärryn kanssa! Tätä yhdistelmää voi ajaa ilman T-korttia, mutta kuskin tulee painaa alle 30 kg. 😊 Traktorissa on nopea ja hidas vaihde eteen sekä pakki, valot, vilkut, ääntä ja MP3-liitäntä löytyy ja peräkärrylle voi laittaa tarpeellista tavaraa. Ikäsuositus on 3+ vuotta.

Osallistut arvontaan kommentoimalla tai tykkäämällä tästä päivityksestä ja seuraamalla myös MSK Groupin Facebook-sivuja. Arvonta suoritetaan to 2.5. ja palkinnon voi noutaa sovittavalla tavalla Ylihärmän tehtaalta (emme lähetä palkintoa). Facebookilla ei ole tekemistä tämän arvonnan kanssa, tietenkään.
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2 weeks ago

MSK Group

Münchenissä on käynnissä maailman suurimmat maanrakennusalan Bauma-messut ja MSK:n sopimusvalmistus on näkyvästi esillä. Paljon mielenkiintoisia tapaamisia, joiden perusteella on selvää, että meidät tunnetaan laajalti ja meihin liitetään mm. käsitteet "luotettava", "osaava" ja "kehittyvä". ... See MoreSee Less

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Cost Efficiency

We know that price and cost are critical parametrs in the industry and our customers businesses. Therefore, our target is to offer the lowest total costs and long-term price stability.

Outstanding supply performance

In our processes, we focus on delivering reliability of 100%. We don’t tolerate any delays in our deliveries. We work very closely together with our customers and adapt to their processes as agilely and flexibly as required.

Exceptional quality

Our target is zero defects in quality. This can only be reached with complete transparency and by openly and continuously searching root causes. We constantly measure quality and review processes and KPI’s with customers.

Engineering Excellence

We believe in deep partnership and technical collaboration with our customers. Our customers are experts in their products and applications, but we offer our knowledge when it comes to engineering plastic/metallic parts, assemblies or complete cabins for their products.

Reliable partner

MSK Group has been in the industry for over 60 years. Of that time we have manufactured safety cabins over a half-century. We are family-owned and have a stable ownership strivin for long-term success and strategy.

few milestones

Yeap. We have done these from the day one with Finnish attitude and know-how. About us