Superb VARIAbility
to your operations.

Forestry / Agriculture / Material Handling / and for many more

MSK VARIA – Superb VARIAbility to your operations.

MSK VARIA is a multisolution cabin for all range volumes. The cabin is designed for a vast variety of mobile and non-mobile applications – working machines and industrial solutions, like sprayers, harvesters, and material handling machines.

In MSK VARIA, we offer You our best competence of safety cabins, cost-efficient performance, consistent quality, and reliability. The VARIA cabin combines high technology, visual design, functional usability, ergonomy, and safety.

VARIA really is a multisolution cabin to the fullest – you name it, VARIA suits it.

Ready-made product

Fast delivery with no tooling costs

Volume range 1 – 5000/a

Easy adapt modular structure

cost effective customization

LEAN production

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VARIA featured in VR tunnel cleaning wagon: watch in Youtube with subtitles


The VARIA Multisolution cabin has a modern, industrial design, enabling VARIA´s functional form. All the finishing is well-thought and executed with precision. The cabin interior is neutral and light.

The modular cabin construction gives VARIA outstanding flexibility. What´s even more, the modular design enables cost-effective serial production and tailoring of the product.

VARIA has three different Cabin equipment levels as a standard: dynamic, comfort, and premium, or anything in between. The cabins can also be delivered with your own brand color and and tailored options.

Unique, customized solutions


1 Color of choice To integrate your brand identity.

2 Usability at your hands – We offer UI/UX support when needed.

3 Brand implementation – Neutral platform to integrate your emblems. 

4 Just-In-Time Production – Range from 1-5000, fast delivery.

5 Special customization – When design is a high priority.

6 Modular frame structure – To fit your operations.

7 CAT 4 filtration – for demanding circumstances.

8 Components by specification – to optimize your performance.



Cabin ventilation

Work lights dynamic

Interior Comfort package

Exterior Comfort package

Cabin heater

Work lights comfort

Mirrors Mech.

Radio readiness

Interior Comfort package

Exterior Comfort package

Assistant seat

Cabin air conditioner

Work lights premium

Mirrors elect.


Sun visor rear

Power supply

Freezer box

Monitor Attachment

Accurate, just-in-time production

 All VARIA cabins are always manufactured and delivered according to customer orders. This enables us to meet clients needs perfectly – and complete the business at hand.

We guarantee fast and on-time delivery for standard cabin, only 8 weeks from order.

MSK has over more than 50 years of experience in cabin manufacturing, and today, we are the leading European manufacturer of smart and safe cabins offering. During the decades, our design, manufacturing, and logistics have been refined to perfection.


With standard VARIA, you get the best of VARIA’s versatility.

VARIA cabin is a fit for mobile working machines with its sustainable, modular frame and tailored details. High visibility and the user ergonomy of the cabin are the basis of this multisolution cabin. You can customize your cabins in more than one way, make it complete and boost your own operations.


VARIA is well suited also for non-mobile applications, industry machines working inside halls and production plants, waste management machines being one good example.

Standalone VARIA can also be tailored and customized according to all customers’ needs and requirements.


The safety and ergonomy of the end-users have always been one of our top priorities. With the new model of VARIA, the CAT4, we bring the safety of our cabins to a new level. CAT4 VARIA cabins are equipped with a filtration system of the highest protection class, category 4, and installed seamlessly to the cabin.

CAT4 VARIA cabins fulfill the highest requirements, standards, and regulations of the category 4 protection class. Category 4 ensures that harmful substances, like for example pesticides and pollutants, don’t enter the cabin.

With CAT4 VARIA, future field and industry operations can be performed with the utmost safety of the user.

CAT4 VARIA cabins have been tested, and fulfill the highest requirements for EN 15695-1 : 2017: Protection of the operator against hazardous substances.


When design is a high priority we offer support to the brand driven customization. Our experienced industrial design and engineering team can help to customize  and implement your brand dna to the product.


The Turf Gamechanger is a completely new kind of machine family for the comprehensive care of golf courses and other high-quality lawns.

MSK’s ready VARIA cab concept was easily and cost-effectively integrated into the Turf Gamechanger. Thanks to this, the model was quickly developed into an attractive and production-ready commercial product. Working together with MSK, we got a lot more out of our product than we originally aimed for.

Ilkka Kaivosoja
CTO, TURF Gamechanger

SUCCESS STORY: Collaboration with the University of Lapland

MSK’s expertise is impressively wide-ranging. We want to look both sideways to see what our peers are doing and also forward to where the most advanced expertise is creating a vision of where the field is going. While designing the Varia Multi Solution Cabin, the product development team at MSK Cabins collaborated fruitfully with design students from the University of Lapland.

C2 Concept by Samuli Jomppanen, Jessica Lammela & Joni Viinamäki

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